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Three powerful reasons for trusting 
																																	your web site to the WFo®
Frankly, do you believe that could be any one more responsible and interested in the future perspectives & success of your own business than yourself?
At this point you may have well realized that Internet is not only the trend pointing to the future. Internet is already the most dynamic and powerful mainstream of global visitors and no one can afford to alienate its business from this commercial reality giving free way to their competitors.
WEB FACTORY online ®  feel fully confident due to the “clean” way it works and for the feedback received from their customers.
What the WEB FACTORY online ® does and the way they do it is all written in this same website, and to your peace of mind WEB FACTORY online ®   wont ask you for money until you receive the work (subject to a guarantee, of course).  This alone could already be a very powerful and enough reason.  Let say, it’s quite a fairplay: you trust on the WEB FACTORY online ® and the WEB FACTORY online ®  trusts on you.
Another reason is that, whether or not you are learned on Internet matters you will feel yourself at home with the WEB FACTORY online ®  That’s because there is no need for your implication in any stage of the web design process. Let’s say – for the sake of comparison - that it is exactly the same as when you buy advertising services on the radio or TV. There’s no need for you on understanding about communications, electronics, broadcasting, or even, enjoy to watch TV!
All you really need to get your business’ internet share is to tell WEB FACTORY online ®  about your goal and they will take care of the whole process. Once your web site has been launched it will be working 24 / 7 in its own, independently from what you are doing, when or wherever you are.
And last, we are sure that you as a businessperson wouldn’t enjoy too much neglect one of today’s most powerful (and lower cost) commercial tools, setting free a huge and dynamic flow of business opportunities straightforward to your competitors. One of our web pages cost is many times lower than conventional advertising. This is, not to talk about the coverage, which is many times bigger in Internet.
Furthermore, a web site and traditional advertising are far from being the same thing. A web page can bear much more than just advertising: it allows a dynamic -real time- interaction from the person who saw the advert, contacting you, placing an order and making the corresponding payment. And this can also happen overnight and on holydays.  All this happens in only one place, taking hold of each opportunity on the fly....
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